Statue of India- A Lively Attraction in Gujarat to Must Visit

Unique Sightseeing Place to visit in Gujarat

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No need to travel China, Japan or USA, Travel to India and visit tallest statue of the world situated in the lap of nature. It is set against the backdrop of Satpura and Vindhyachal hills in Kevadia, Gujarat.

Geographical Demonstration

Statue of Unity is standing majestically on the Sadhu-Bet Hillock at a height of 182 metres from ground level, connected by a 300-metre bridge, which offers access from the mainland to the statue leaves many towers of the world behind.

Statues are measured from ground level to top at international metrics. Resting on a rectangular base 25 metre above the ground-level, the Statue measures 157 metres, at least 4 metres taller than the Spring Temple, Buddha, almost twice the height of Statue of Liberty and 5 times higher than Christ’s Statue at Rio de Janeiro!

Architectural excellence

Sardar Patel’s statue is salute to architectural excellence and symbol of devotion for nation lover and thinker. Architectural excellence of the sites makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions while you are planning an India Tour. All architecture instructed by renowned architect Ram Sutar, it took round-the-clock efforts to construct the statue on a base to withstand its 1700 tonnes of weight. The weight of the broadest part (upper body parts) comes upon its narrowest part(lower limbs)– which was a difficult plan to arrive at.

When you will on Gujarat tour, explore more west India tour packages, you will self observe the magnificent construction. The feet are not parallel – one foot is slightly ahead of the other one, denoting a nation marching ahead. The sandals are 70 feet long. Due to presence of copper it may turn into greenish shades due to oxidation process.

Tour of the Statue

  1. Gallery- You will visit upto Viewing Gallery through elevators as it is housed in the chest of the Statue between the 2nd and 3rd buttons of the jacket. The panoramic view spans across Sardar Sarovar dam, the reservoir, Satpura and Vindhya ranges and River Narmada winding majestically through the Valley.  The 4 metres per second speed of these elevators takes visitors to a height of 135 metres in just 36 seconds.
  2. The Light and sound Show

The 23-minute Light and Sound Show at 7 p.m will win your heart and complete your tour. Colourful laser beams light up the Statue of Unity. The story unfolds on the Statue, which itself becomes the screen. Jet planes shooting across the statue keep the audience attached. It concludes with national anthem.

3. Tour of Valley of Flowers: The Valley of Flowers (also known as Bharat Van), is spread across 24 acres of land and is a haven for colorful flowering plants along the bank of river Narmada. The Valley of Flower began with 48,000 plants in 2016 and has now reached up to 22,00,000 plants with more than 300 variants. Besides the parks, several photo booths and selfie points have been developed to take back fond memories of the visit. The spot resembles a rainbow of flowers setup on earth.

4. Tour of Sardar Sarovar Dam: The Sardar Sarovar Dam is the third highest concrete dam (163 metres) in India.

5. Jungle Safari: A state-of-art zoological park with unique collection of indigenous and exotic animals and birds from the various biogeographic regions of the world, is located at the picturesque hills near the tallest statue of the world “The Statue of Unity” and “The Sardar Sarovar Dam” at Kevadia. This zoo will take you through an adventurous and exciting trip of watching wildlife, enjoying scenic beauty of the hills and entertaining experiences of a lifetime.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Statue of Unity is in the cooler months of October to February, though the site is open all through the year. The Statue of Unity opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. The Laser Light and Sound Show can be viewed from 7:30 PM onwards daily, except on Mondays as it remains closed for maintenance one day in a week.

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